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Biofeedback is Energy Medicine. It is the missing link to Healing.

I am here to assist you in your own self – healing. “I combine Biofeedback with Nutritional coaching. This will help you gain control and restore your health” Your quality of life will improve.

This is how a Biofeedback Therapy session can bring balance to you:

Boston Biofeedback Aura DescriptionWhen the body is under STRESS, patterns begin to form in the energetic field around your body. The field around the body is called your Aura. These patterns can remain and slow down your recovery if you keep holding on to them. Biofeedback will help to retrain and release the energetic patterns so the body will start to heal. When negative energy stays the same in the aura for long enough, then dis-ease can develop. It is believed disease can be in the human aura up to 2 years before an illness shows up. What happened in your life the year or two before your illness?


woman tension head acheAfter a period of stress, there is usually some kind of dis-ease that sets in. Long term stress is the biggest problem. When we start to not feel well and the stress continues, this can be the point of staying stuck if things do not change. It gets naturally harder to change the way we think about our health when life does not improve. This is because our personal frequency has lowered. Most people are not even aware that this is why they do not improve.
Weather it is chronic fatigue or chronic pain and we keep thinking the same way over and over, this is when the pattern of ill health can stay stuck. Now the patterns of illness can become deeper and then create a blockage. The blockages are considered an energetic imbalance in your body. This is where Biofeedback can shift the patterns and help to release them. Now the body can start to heal.

It is natural for the body to heal itself if the stress is removed. This is called homeostasis. The subtle frequencies from the device help to influence new energetic pathways. This will increase energy and improve your health.
Shift your patterns and start on a path of health today!

Michelle will help you to create more balance in your body and improve the quality of your life. Do you know everything has a rate of frequency that can be measured? That includes the human body. We all have a MHz frequency. The human body runs from 62 to 68 MHz. Our state of health and ability to get better depends on this. Cold and flu runs from 57-58 MHz. Cancer is around 42 MHz. A cup of coffee will lower your vibe. Negative thoughts lower you by 12 MHz. This is why it is critical to keep your vibration up any way you can when you are not well. Some Essential Oils have very high frequencies. Positive thoughts raise you up 10 MHz!

Happy Healthy WomanA Session can help shift your personal frequency. Repeated sessions will hold the new patterns. Experience the positive effects of Biofeedback. Enhance your health, learning, and performance abilities. Many people feel different right away. While you are getting better, you will become a happier person just because your frequency has changed. Biofeedback identifies the causes of many epidemic disorders that have strong correlations to prolonged stress. A session has a way of helping you to identify things in your life that are preventing you from growing or being happy.

Now, I want to talk about the importance of good nutrition and healing. The body is capable of healing itself. Eating nourishing food helps this to happen. The first thing to do is to remove anything that is a negative nutrient, which is processed foods or sugar. You see, we use up vitamins and minerals just to metabolize them. It really slows the healing process. A serving of sugar lowers the immune system for 5 hours. How can you repair? Eliminating one bad habit really adds up. That’s the first step. This is by far my favorite book to heal a Leaky Gut “Digestive Wellness” By the way, processed foods lower your frequency. Fresh fruits and veges increase it.

In a Biofeedback session we address your food sensitivities and diet. I can help you identify what does not agree with you. By removing what is creating inflammation in the body, you will heal faster. If you are eating foods that you are sensitive to, your body is working hard just to digest them. This can keep your body in a histamine state. If the body is busy doing this, how can it repair the bigger issues?

I look forward to meeting you and helping you feel better! Just call with questions.

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